Refurbished CPU / Processors

Our refurbished CPUs and processors are tested and inspected before they are listed on our site. All our parts come with a standard 90 day warranty. 

The core count of a CPU is a significant factor in its performance. Usually, a 4-core or 6-core processor is the norm for a modern personal computer. It's worth mentioning that many CPUs now come equipped with threading technologies, such as Intel's hyper-threading and AMD's simultaneous multi-threading, which enable the creation of multiple logical threads within one physical core, thereby boosting the efficiency and parallel processing ability of the CPU. Such multi-threaded processors are ideal for digital artists, gamers, streamers, and anyone else who requires their machine to run multiple applications and processes smoothly.

As previously pointed out, even with the best graphics card on the market, if paired with an incompatible CPU, you might not be able to unlock its full potential. However, the best CPU for gaming isn't necessarily the most powerful. In the gaming world, the graphics card takes care of most of the video encoding, so gaming CPUs don't have to be top-notch in terms of power. Instead, they are designed to work in harmony with modern graphics cards, providing high-quality gaming experiences at affordable prices.

High-end desktop and mobile processors can be quite expensive and are usually reserved for professional tasks such as advanced simulations and high-resolution renderings. This is why you'll often see the most powerful processors being used in workstations and applications such as professional 4K video editing. If you plan on doing any streaming or content creation, it may be a good idea to invest in a slightly more powerful processor or one with integrated graphics to future-proof your setup.