Workstation Buying Guide


Below you will find a quick explanation of the options for "Build Your Own" Workstations available on this site. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us in the chat!


The processor you choose will have the largest effect on the overall performance of the workstation. A processor with a higher speed will quickly and efficiently process tasks. A processor with more cores will have more resources to perform multiple tasks at the same time. It is important to consider what type of programs and tasks you will be running when choosing your CPU. Simple tasks like internet browsing do not require a very fast processor – whereas 3D animation and 4K video rendering need as much speed and cores as you can get. To compare processors, use the following link:


Boosting the RAM in a PC can markedly improve its performance. This leads to quicker startup and shutdown processes, along with more fluid program initiations and task operations. A computer with additional RAM can execute programs more swiftly than previously, even if running a single program. DDR4 memory in workstations offers faster data transfer rates, higher bandwidth, and improved power efficiency compared to older technologies like DDR3. This leads to enhanced performance for memory-intensive tasks like 3D rendering and video editing, reducing loading times and improving multitasking. 


Workstations can use many different storage types: HDDs for good, cost-effective storage; SSDs for quick application launches and data access, and NVMe, M.2 and U.2 drives for top-tier performance. Choosing between these depends on the performance needs and budgetary constraints of the specific workstation tasks.
To compare HDD's use the following link: 
To compare SSD's use the following link:

M.2 Storage

An optional component that can greatly increase the performance of your workstation. An M.2 is a compact form factor for storage devices, offering faster data transfer rates due to NVMe support, reduced latency compared to traditional HDDs, and a smaller footprint – enabling slimmer and more efficient device designs. To compare M.2 storage, use either of the following links:  or

Use M.2 Storage as Boot Drive

Many customers prefer to have their operating system installed on the M.2 storage they purchase. This allows for the operating system to boot up faster on start-up and makes system operations run even faster. Check this box if you would like your OS installed on the M.2, or leave it blank and we will install the OS on one of your other selected drives.‚Äč

Graphics Card

A critical component for any workstation that can have many benefits such as: dedicated video processing, allowing use of multiple monitors simultaneously, and multiple different VRAM options for higher graphics output (1GB-24GB). Higher VRAM GPUs allow for smoother handling of larger datasets, more detailed graphics, and improved performance in demanding applications. To compare graphics card options use the following link:

Additional Graphics Card

This machine allows for two graphic cards to be run at the same time, which gives the machine more display outputs and video processing power. Note that the additional graphics card must be the exact same as the primary graphics card to function.

Operating System

Windows 10: Launched in 2015, Windows 10 was a game-changer, designed for a wide range of devices from PCs to smartphones. Its adaptability made for a unified user experience. Key benefits include enhanced security with features like Windows Hello for password-free sign-ins and continuous updates against emerging threats. For businesses, it supported improved virtual desktops and robust mobile device management, catering to remote work trends.

Windows 11: Debuting in 2021, Windows 11 built upon the foundation of Windows 10. It showcases a modern design with a centered Start menu and intuitive navigation. Performance improvements optimize hardware capabilities, while gamers benefit from features like Auto-HDR. Emphasizing multitasking, Windows 11 introduced Snap Layouts and Snap Groups, allowing users to efficiently manage multiple open windows. 

Optical Drive

An optional DVD rewritable drive can be installed on this unit. Disc drives are becoming less and less common, but some users still request them for legacy purposes. Note that installing a DVDRW drive in your workstation will take up one of the 5.25" bays in the chassis.

Mouse & Keyboard

A mouse and keyboard are essential to computer function. PCSP offers are very low cost mouse and keyboard to get you started.


PCSP proudly offers the most comprehensive warranty in the refurbished IT hardware industry. If your equipment is not functioning properly for any reason (other than neglect or abuse) we will ship the equipment back to our facility, replace the necessary components, and ship the equipment back at zero cost to the customer. Rest assured knowing that you are in great hands when you purchase your equipment from PCSP. All equipment ordered from our website comes with a free 90-day warranty period. We offer to extend this warranty period at the time of purchase for up to 5 years. For more details on the PCSP warranty, click here:

RAID Configuration

Typically, workstation drives are not put into a RAID configuration, but everyone has their own needs. Leave this section as "default" if you do not wish your drives to be put into RAID. While RAID configurations in workstations serve the same fundamental purpose as in servers—namely, data redundancy, performance, or both—the context differs. Workstations might prioritize rapid data access or protection against data loss for critical projects. To learn more about RAID configurations, visit our page: Understanding RAID Configurations.