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Let us be your
Procurement Specialists

Your business requires your full attention.
Let PCSP find the IT hardware your business needs, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Forecast Needs Icon

Forecast Needs

PCSP will develop a forecast of your needs to get your business ahead of the market.

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Pricing Thresholds

Our pricing thresholds are designed to secure product within your timeframe

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Dedicated Inventory

All specified inventory goes towards fulfillment until your order is completed.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is top of mind for many business owners these days. That is, a business's ability to perform mission-critical functions in the face of emergency or disruption. For this reason, business stakeholders must stay laser-focused on their primary responsibilities to keep their operations running as seamlessly as possible.

For businesses that require a large investment in IT hardware, this can be difficult. It takes an enormous amount of time and experience to find the specific gear a business needs, especially when maximizing value is important. Shopping for various vendors, suppliers, and more can be confusing and frustrating within such an unpredictable market like IT hardware. This is where PCSP can help...

Pricing Thresholds Icon
Pricing Thresholds Icon

The PCSP Advantage

PCSP specializes in acquiring large quantities of IT assets. We have been acquiring, refurbishing, and selling IT hardware for over 20 years and we know how to get our partners what they need at a tremendous value.

Our Procurement Specialists will find you what you need and keep you from dealing with multiple suppliers. We will work with you to develop a forecast of your unique hardware needs, pricing thresholds and timelines. We can also leverage our volume ordering power and set aside all specified inventory for the fulfillment of your order until it is completed.

Schedule a call with us today so we can understand your business's hardware needs, as well as your pricing goals and timeframe goals. Our team will contact you and begin formulating a plan to ensure you won't even consider shopping for IT gear on your own again.