PowerEdge R660 Server

Dell PowerEdge R660 Specifications

The Dell PowerEdge R660 server is a formidable piece of hardware designed to meet the demanding needs of modern data centers and enterprise environments. Engineered for high performance, scalability, and reliability, the PowerEdge R660 is part of Dell's renowned PowerEdge line, which has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the realm of servers.

High-End Performance

At the heart of the Dell PowerEdge R660 lies a potent combination of cutting-edge hardware components meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled performance. The server is powered by dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors, presents a large and comprehensive list of configurations for a wide range of workload requirements. The processors presented in these servers utilize the latest advanced technological architecture, such as multiple cores and threads, enhanced cached sizes, and even Turbo Boost and Intel Hyper-Threading ensuring optimal performance across a spectrum of applications. From virtualization and database management to high-performance computing and artificial intelligence workloads, the R660 server provides the proper technology to fit all your needs.


The Dell PowerEdge R660 excels regarding its memory functionality which is a critical aspect to any server. Supporting DDR4 DIMMs, this server provides ample capacity for memory-intensive applications. With support for registered ECC memory modules, the R660 ensures data integrity and reliability, crucial for mission-critical operations. Memory configurations can be tailored to suit specific workload demands, ranging from moderate capacities for general-purpose tasks to massive memory configurations for in-memory databases and virtualization environments.


Storage capabilities for the Dell PowerEdge R660 shines just as well thanks to the flexible storage options and robust RAID support. The server accommodates multiple hot-swappable drive bays, supporting diverse storage media, including high-performance solid-state drives and high-capacity hard disk drives. This versatility allows organizations to configure storage subsystems with the ideal balance between performance, capacity, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, this server provides an extensive range of RAID options, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10, ensuring data protection and redundancy to safeguard against disk failures and data loss.

Connectivity and Expansion

Delivering robust networking capabilities to facilitate seamless connectivity and data communication, the Dell PowerEdge R660 is equipped with multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports offering ample bandwidth for network traffic guaranteeing smooth functionality in high-traffic environments. For organizations requiring higher network speeds or advanced networking features, this server supports optional upgrades from 10 Gigabit Ethernet to 25 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, providing more-than-capable data transfer rates enabling faster data transfer rates and greater network efficiency.


Offering unparalleled flexibility to accommodate evolving business needs, the Dell PowerEdge R660’s expansion and scalability features a variety of PCIe expansion slots, allowing for the integration of additional network adapters, accelerators, storage controllers, and vast availability of expansion cards to enhance performance and functionality. From scaling up to meet demanding workloads to adapting to the latest technologies, the PowerEdge R660 provides the versatility to expand and evolve alongside the organization’s ever-changing needs.

Management and Security

Coming equipped with comprehensive management tools and security features to streamline administration and protect critical assets, the Dell PowerEdge R660’s management and security operations are adept. Dell's integrated management solutions, such as iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) and OpenManage, provide robust remote management capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor, configure, and troubleshoot servers from anywhere, at any time. Additionally, this server incorporates advanced security features, including but not limited to secure boot, system lockdown, and encryption technologies, to better safeguard data integrity and alleviate security risks.

Dell Recertified and Warranty Information

These Dell Recertified servers complete an exhaustive second Dell factory remanufacturing and testing process to ensure they meet the same factory specifications as new. These servers typically come from cancelled orders or customers who returned their orders without ever using the product. All Dell EMC Recertified are backed by the OEM warranty that is identical to new. You’re covered from the date of purchase; your warranty begins on day one and is refreshed as with your original warranty.


Overall, the Dell PowerEdge R660 represents the pinnacle of server technology, combining powerful performance, flexible scalability, and robust reliability to meet the demanding requirements of modern data center environments. Whether supporting virtualization, database management, or even AI workloads, this server delivers the performance, scalability, and reliability organizations need to push the boundary on innovation and achieve business objectives.

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