Refurbished Music Production PCs

Pro Audio Computers Perfect for Any Windows DAW

Creating music in the digital age requires a significantly powerful computer. Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) like Pro Tools, Ableton Live, FL Studio and more all have specific hardware requirements they need to run efficiently. Factor in the plethora of effects plug-ins and sample based instruments that creators like to use, and the hardware requirements go up even more. In 2021, the minimum recommended specs for an audio recording PC are 16GB of RAM, 2.2 GHz processor, and 500GB of HDD storage.

Luckily, PCSP can build you a refurbished machine to exceed these requirements at a fraction of the price. All of our Music Production PCs come with powerful processors (2.6 to 3.6 GHz), 32GB to 64GB of RAM, Solid State Drives, and extra hard drive storage. With audio recording set ups like these, you can get in the flow of making music without interruption or lag. 

PCSP Music Production PCs come with:

  • 32 to 64 GB of RAM
  • Powerful Processors: 2.6 to 3.6 GHz, 4 to 24 cores
  • 512 GB to 1 TB SSD Storage
  • 1 TB to 4 TB HDD Storage
  • Dedicated Video Card
  • FREE Shipping
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Adapter Dongle
  • 90-Day Full Warranty
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee 


What else will I need to start recording?

 And that's it! Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like a more customized machine.