Refurbished ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server

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The HP ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is a highly scalable, powerful, and secure server that is designed to meet the demanding needs of enterprise-level workloads. With advanced features and capabilities, this server offers a versatile and reliable solution for businesses looking for high-performance computing power.

At the core of the ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is its processing power. It can support up to 4 Intel Xeon Scalable processors, providing impressive performance capabilities for the most demanding applications. The server is designed to handle a wide range of workloads, including virtualization, databases, and high-performance computing, providing scalability and reliability to critical business applications.

In addition to its processing power, the ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server also boasts a large memory capacity. It can support up to 6 terabytes of memory, allowing for fast and efficient processing of large amounts of data. This makes it ideal for data-intensive applications that require high-performance computing and fast data processing.

The ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server also provides excellent storage options. It has up to 10 hot-pluggable drive bays that can support SAS, SATA, and NVMe drives, making it easy to store and access large amounts of data. The NVMe drives, in particular, provide fast access to data, making them ideal for applications that require high-performance storage. With its scalable storage capacity, businesses can easily expand their storage needs as required.

The ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is also designed with security in mind. It comes with advanced security features, including silicon root of trust, secure recovery, and runtime firmware validation. These features ensure that the server boots with a trusted set of firmware and that the server's firmware has not been compromised. The secure recovery feature ensures that the server can recover from any firmware issues securely, while the runtime firmware validation feature helps detect any potential firmware attacks in real-time.

To provide easy management, the ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server also includes HPE iLO5, a powerful management tool that allows for remote server administration and monitoring. This tool provides easy access to the server's system health, power usage, and performance, allowing for quick and easy maintenance and management of the server.

Overall, the HP ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is a powerful and reliable server that provides businesses with the processing power, memory, and storage they need for demanding workloads. With advanced security features, easy management tools, and scalable performance capabilities, the ProLiant DL580 Gen10 Server is an excellent choice for businesses that require high-performance computing power.