Missing Hard Drives

"I only see one hard drive!"

"I was supposed to have two 1TB hard drives, but only see 1TB of storage."


If you ordered a workstation that came with 2 identical Hard Drives, but only see 1 in Windows Explorer, this is because your unit is setup in a RAID 1 (mirror) configuration.

By Default, we configure any workstation that comes with 2 identical hard drives in a RAID 1 mirror configuration to protect you and your OS and files from a hard drive failure.
When 2 Drives are in a RAID1, both drives are a mirror of each other, which is why Windows only sees 1 hard drive.(So then two 1TB hard drives in a RAID1 mirror = 1TB Drive Storage)

If a drive failure occurs the unit will continue to work at a slightly degraded rate until the failed drive has been replaced.
Upon replacing the drive, Windows will rebuild the drive (RAID1 mirror) while running.

If your computer was ordered with a SSD drive & a second HDD, then we will only install the OS on the SSD, leaving the second HDD for storage.


A Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) uses multiple hard drives together. There are various different RAID levels that either use stripping or mirroring of the data across multiple hard drives. This will protect your data from failures up to 2 hard drives before all data is lost.

By default your servers hard drives will be configured either in a RAID0 or set to the default configuration based on the RAID controller capabilities.