PCSP Modern Lighting

Introducing our partner site: PCSP Modern Lighting

Unique styles for the home and office

PCSP has always been known for its best-in-class pricing, quality and variety of product offerings. It’s with pleasure that we continue to offer you even more! PCSP Modern Lighting is here to offer you unique and stylish lighting options that can enhance any space.

PCSP Modern Lighting offers these amazing selections at an affordable price just like our IT Hardware! When you buy something from PCSP you can be assured you are getting a high-quality product built to last. This product is brand new and will ship direct from our warehouse in GA within 48 hours.  

Please visit pcspmodernlighting.com for more information!

Featured Lighting Categories:





 Hanging Light Fixtures


Wall Mounted Fixtures 

Wall Sconces

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Table Lamps 

Post Mounted Fixtures