Video Cable Won't Fit

"My video cable won't fit this video card!"

There used to be a time when all video connections where just that simple blue one, also known as VGA. Nowadays, the array of options are confusing! But don't worry, once your figure out what ports you have, it's just a matter of finding the right cable. Use the chart below to identify what port you have on your graphics (video) card, then do the same for your monitor.

Here are some of the most common connections we have today..


The most common types of connections are DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort. DisplayPort is confusing because are first glance it looks a lot like HDMI. If you do not see your port in the chart above, it could be VGA or another very old type of video connection. Also, sometimes proprietary cabling can be installed by a reseller, although never by PCSP.

You will likely have multiple options for which connections you want to use. To make it easy, choosing a port that you have on both your video card and monitor is your best bet (HDMI to HDMI, DisplayPort to DisplayPort, ect.). This may not always be possible however, especially if you are using an older monitor with only one type of connection. This can be easily solved with an adapter, like "DisplayPort to DisplayPort mini adapter" which is very common. From there, it's all up to personal preference which connections you want to use. 

One common misconception is that HDMI is the best video output connection. This is likely because most TVs and electronics that connect to TVs use HDMI. The truth is HDMI has many limitations, including being confined to only a certain few resolutions and at a maximum of 60 Hz. DisplayPort is almost always your best bet when it comes to video display. DisplayPort connections will send your video at up to 8K resolution at 120 Hz. If you are looking for top quality you will want your graphics card to connect to your monitor(s) via DisplayPort. See below our video output connection tiers:


So now that you have identified your ports, you just need to pick up the right cable or adapter. Some brands are slightly better than others, but for the most part, cables are indistinguishable quality-wise as long as they are new. Amazon will likely be your cheapest option for purchasing your cable and/or adapter, but you local electronics store will have what you need if you want a quicker option. We hope this helped, enjoy your new graphics card!