How to Set up Your Computer from PCSP

So you ordered a new refurbished PC, but how do you get it up and running? Follow this quick guide from PCSP to get your workstation or desktop computer all set up and get to the fun stuff!

Step 1: Unpack the computer case and remove any protective packaging

Unpack the computer case and remove any protective packaging

You'll then want to place the computer case in an area that is well ventilated and has good air flow. This will prevent the computer from overheating.

 place the computer case in an area that is well ventilated and has good air flow

Step 2: Locate the monitor cable

There are several different types of monitor cables, please look at the connections below to determine. DisplayPort (not pictured) is also very common.

video port types

See all the possible video port types here: Video Cable Won't Fit?

Step 3: Connect the monitor and computer with the monitor cable

Connect one end of the cable to the monitor and the other end into the appropriate port in the computer. 

connect monitor cable

NOTE: On computers that utilize a graphics card, plug the monitor cable into the graphics card, not the port of the chassis.

Many computer cables will only fit a specific way. If the cable doesn't fit, don't force it or you might damage the unit.

don't force the cable in if it doesn't fit

Not all monitors will have the same port as the tower. This is easily remedied with a common adapter. Confirm the plug aligns with the port, then connect it.

some connections may require an adapter

Step 4: Unpack the keyboard and mouse

and plug them into any of the USB ports on the back of the computer. 

Unpack the keyboard and mouse

Step 5: Connect any audio devices

If you have external speakers or headphones you would like to use, check and see what type of connection they are. Some use audio ports and some use USB ports. Connect them now.

Connect any audio devices

determine which audio connection you have

Step 6: Plug in the computer (and monitor)

Locate the power supply cable that came with your computer. Plug the power supply cable into back of the computer and then into the surge protector that is connected the electrical outlet. 

plug in computer tower and monitor

Step 7: Connect peripherals

If you have other peripherals like a printer, scanner, or webcam, you can connect them now.

common peripheral devices

Many devices are what is called "plug and play". This means that the devices will be recognized as you plug them in. No extra setup should be necessary.

plug and play devices

Other devices may include software that needs to be installed before you can begin using them. Use the instructions included with the device to install if necessary. 

install software and drivers if necessary


You can now enjoy your newly purchased computer. Turn on the power of the computer, monitor and peripherals and enjoy your new equipment!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at, chat with us on the website (bubble in the bottom right of this page), or call us at 248-305-7900.

Thank you!