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Welcome to (PC Server and Parts), also known as digitalmind2000 on eBay. We have been refurbishing IT hardware for over 20 years and have shipped to over 100,000 happy customers across the globe. 

If you are new to the world of refurbished IT hardware, below is a quick rundown of what refurbished gear is, and the products we sell. Also know that you can reach out to us during business hours via chat in the bottom right corner. No matter what your spec requirements are, we can find you the perfect gear. We have technicians and customer service agents that know this gear inside and out, so if you've got questions, you've come to the right place.

New vs Refurbished IT Hardware

IT hardware shoppers often balk at the idea of refurbished hardware. Will it have the specs I need? Will it last long enough? Are the price savings worth it? Let go through these issues one by one.

Specs on Refurbished IT Hardware

The major players in the industry, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Intel, NVIDIA, etc., these companies all come out with new models every year, or close to it. They need to keep developing and selling new equipment to stay in business. The thing is though, the technology that was released years ago far exceeds the practical needs of most users. This is evident when you look at the minimum and recommended specs on some of the most popular resource intensive software. CAD software recommends a 2.90 GHz processor and 16GB of RAM. There is equipment released 10 years ago that meets these recommended specs, and then some. Buying new equipment does have some benefits, but when push comes to shove, the extra funds you put into the cost of the latest machine would be better spent on more RAM, a higher-end processor, and other components like your graphics card and storage options. Many consumers have figured this out, and we are here to make it easy for them. 

Lifespan of Refurbished IT Hardware

Servers and workstations are durable machines. Although some of the individual components are delicate, they are well protected by the chassis. Some cosmetic imperfections on refurbished gear is to be expected, but as far as function (which is what really matters) they are as good as new. This is made even better by the proliferation of solid-state drives (SSD), which have no moving parts, thus less wear and tear, and therefore a longer lifespan. PCSP also inspects and tests each individual component that comes through our doors. We back this up by giving a free 90 day warranty on every product on the website, and we also offer extended warranties up to 5 years.

Cost of New vs. Refurbished

The main driver of refurbished IT gear is the cost savings. A unit that is only a few years old will have it’s refurbished price reduced by 50% to even 90% compared to the new sticker price. PCSP is especially aware of this, so we price all our equipment as low as possible, and often have the best prices anywhere. Instead of charging more, we prefer to offer a great experience to our customers to keep them coming back for more.

BONUS: Buying Refurbished Gear Helps the Environment

One thing you might not be aware of is the vast amount of waste the digital age has created. Each year, 50 million tons of e-waste (retired IT equipment) is dumped into landfills. This has many environmental repercussions and decision makers are struggling to come up with any solutions. By purchasing refurbished gear, you can extend the life of this technology and keep it out of landfills. This in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions created from the production of new IT equipment. So not only are you saving money and getting the perfect gear, you are doing your part to stop climate change!

Refurbished Workstations

A refurbished workstation computer is a pre-owned computer that has been restored to a like-new condition. Our workstations are typically higher-end computers used for demanding tasks like graphic design, video editing, CAD, and other professional applications. Refurbishing involves a thorough inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement of any faulty or worn parts.

Brands: We carry many top brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more. The Dell Precision, HP Z Series, and Lenovo ThinkStation workstations dominate the market. 
Quality and Performance: Refurbished workstations usually offer similar performance to new machines at a lower cost. They undergo rigorous testing, ensuring they meet the original factory specifications.
Warranty and Support: Our refurbished workstations come with a 90 day warranty, and have extended warranties up to five years available.
Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness: Buying a refurbished workstation is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, as it extends the life of existing hardware and reduces e-waste.
Suitability: Workstations are ideal for professionals and businesses that need high-performance computers but have budget constraints or for students in fields like engineering or digital arts.
Considerations: When purchasing a refurbished workstation, it's important to consider what programs you will be running and to check the system requirements. As a general rule, it is usually smart to get slightly more than what you need.
Custom Configurations: Our specialty here at is in offering customization options for refurbished workstations, allowing buyers to tailor the system to their specific needs, like adding more RAM, a better GPU, or larger storage.

Refurbished workstations strike a balance between performance and cost, making them a smart choice for various professional applications.

Refurbished Servers

A refurbished server is a pre-owned server that has been restored to its original working condition and performance standards. Our servers are typically sourced from businesses that are upgrading their data centers, and they undergo a comprehensive process to ensure they meet the original manufacturer's specifications.

Process of Refurbishing: Our refurbishment process involves several steps:

  1. Inspection and Cleaning: The server is thoroughly inspected for any defects or damaged components. It's cleaned to remove dust and debris which might affect performance.
  2. Testing and Repairing: Each component, such as the CPU, memory, hard drives, and power supplies, is tested. Faulty parts are repaired or replaced.
  3. Software Updates: Firmware and software are updated to the latest versions to ensure compatibility and security.
  4. Quality Control: The server undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it performs as expected.


  1. Cost-Effective: Refurbished servers are more affordable compared to new servers, making them an attractive option for small to medium-sized businesses or startups.
  2. Reliability: The brand and models we carry are very reliable, as they undergo thorough testing and repair processes.
  3. Warranty: Our refurbished servers come with a 90-day warranty and have extended warranties up to five years available.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Purchasing refurbished servers contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing e-waste.

Popular Brands: Dell, HP, IBM, and Cisco are some of the renowned brands that we carry.

Use Cases: Refurbished servers are suitable for a wide range of applications, including web hosting, virtualization, file storage, and as backup servers.

Considerations: When buying a refurbished server, it’s important to:

  1. Assess Your Requirements: Understand your server needs based on the applications you intend to run.
  2. Check Specifications: Ensure it has the right specifications, such as CPU type, memory size, storage capacity, and network capabilities.

In summary, refurbished servers offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for businesses needing reliable server capabilities. They undergo stringent refurbishment processes to ensure quality and performance, making them a viable option for various IT infrastructure needs.

Used and New Components

PCSP also acquires large amounts of used and new components. Used components cannot be "refurbished" in any way, but our team does inspect and test every component to make sure they function as intended. We also buy large volumes of new components, and we are able to pass along those savings to our customers. Some of the components we carry include:

  • CPUs
  • RAM
  • HDDs
  • SSDs
  • Trays and Adapters
  • Graphics Cards
  • RAID Cards
  • Network Cards
  • SAS Expanders
  • Motherboards
  • Power Supplies
  • Heatsinks
  • Server Rails
  • Server Bezels
  • Accessories

Keep in mind that our stock of these components changes daily, so make sure to purchase before you chosen item goes out of stock.