IDRAC License

IDRAC 7 License Info

Servers that we sell with a IDRAC Module or integrated IDRAC port are only offered in Express Version.

If you need the Enterprise License, you will need to acquire the license from dell.

iDRAC 7 Enterprise license installation and setup of DRAC

The first step depends if your model of 12th generation Dell server has an iDRAC port already. Some models such as the R620, R720, etc have an integrated iDRAC port for iDRAC Express. Other models like the R320 and R420 may have BMC only, and require a piece of hardware to add an iDRAC.
The second part, after making sure your model of server has an iDRAC port, is applying the iDRAC 7 Enterprise license through Dell onto the service tag number of your server. 
The third part, utilizing the six steps below, will allow you to access all the functions of the iDRAC 7 Enteprise 

1. Store the xml format license file (you should have received when purchasing the license) at a location accessible from the management station.
2. In the iDRAC7 Web interface, go to Overview > Server > Licenses.
3. Under License Options, from the Select drop-down menu, select Import.
4. Click Browse, select the xml license file, and click Apply.
    A message indicating the license was successfully imported is displayed.
5. Click OK to close the message.
6. Log out and log in to iDRAC7 Web interface.
    The new license level is displayed at the top of the Web interface page