Software Issues

Software Issues

Many companies have policies in place that require any hardware being removed from their control, to have the device wiped/erased prior to sale, donation or transfer of ownership.

Therefore, when we receive a device that has been wiped/erased, we attempt to restore the device back to factory defaults.
In some instances, we may not have access to software required for a particular device and will sell it as As-Is "For Parts - Not Working - No OS".
Items sold in this condition usually are sold with a "No Return Policy".

On occasion, buyers may fail to read the item description/condition completely before purchasing and find out after receiving the item that doesn't have any software installed. Make sure you read item descriptions completely be purchasing.
If you are contemplating the idea of purchasing a device that is being sold with no software with the intention of "restoring" the device, verify you can acquire the software in advance. Many manufacturers require an active service contract in order to download software from their website.         

In the nature of our business, the multitude of different devices, the manner in which products are acquired and the magnitude of software versions in the IT market, it is impossible for us to keep a complete library of software for all makes and models. but, in some cases, if you accidentally removed/wiped the software from a device purchased from PCSP, We may be able to help.

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